Standard Simulator Models

These are our standard models which all include a PC and all the necessary Simulator hardware. These models are a great starting point for your rig and can all be modified and adjusted to fit your needs.


This simulator is designed to get you into sim racing. You will have everything you need to start racing and having fun. Due to some lack of fidelity in the pedals, wheel, and visuals it may be difficult to translate your sim driving to real world skills.



This simulator is designed to let you race any vehicle you want wherever you want. With 3 pedals, an H pattern shifter, paddle shifters, and a clutch pedal you can jump into any car and drive it properly. With a choice of a virtual reality headset or triple monitors, you will be able to see your mirrors and race with cars around you just as you would in real life.

(VR) $7,200

(Triples) $7,600


This simulator is designed to let you race at the highest levels. With realistic pedals that are fully adjustable to match your preferences, you will have precision matching that of your car in real life. This system is built with the intention of paddle shifted cars, but if you want to drive other cars, we can build the simulator with 3 pedals or whatever else you may want it to include.


Steering Wheel
Max Torque - 8 Nm

3 Pedals
Gas - Magnetic sensor
Brake - Load sensor with adjustability
Clutch - Magnetic sensor

32" 1920x1080p 165Hz Curved

Steering Wheel
Max Torque - 20 Nm

2 Pedals
Gas - Hall effect sensor with vibration
Brake - Load sensor with adjustability up to 90kg

VR - 2160x2160p per eye 90Hz
Triples - 3 x 32" 2560x1440p 165Hz Curved

Steering Wheel
Max Torque - 25 Nm

2 Pedals
Gas - Adjustable travel and 2-way damping
Brake - Adjustable progressive resistance up to 140kg. Adjustable "pad to disc" or "dead zone" and 2-way damping

3 x 32" 3840x2160p 160Hz

On-Site installation ranges from $600-$1200 depending on complexity of the system and your location